We work with databases, spreadsheets, documents, and other information that a company produces to get a picture of what the company is doing and how it’s performing. In this job, our duties vary based on industry but typically involve analysing data and putting it in an easily digestible format. For example, if we receive information about sales for a given quarter, we might create a spreadsheet and input the sales data, organising it by month, year, or creating criteria as it best fits the customer goals.

We may also link databases to spreadsheets and train employees on new data analysing models. To succeed in this sector, we engage top-notch data entry skills and experience using a variety of computer programs like Python programming language with Pandas DataFrame programming, Word, Excel, and Access.


ACP provide services for developing detailed reports for sustainable infrastructure development. The services include the necessary preparation of identifying the areas, local partners, project finance seeking, adequate support from the Government to the effective execution of the project.


ACP aims in ensuring that the projects undertaken are executed as per the project reports and milestones with proper quality checks in place. ACP has managed a wide range of projects ranging from:

Marketing Campaigns.

Political Campaign surveys.

Debt Management databases and debtors’ lists.